For Good Reason

For Good Reason hosted by D.J. Grothe and supported by James Randi Educational Foundation is an interview show which consists of interviews with critical thinkers, skeptics, scientists such as Richard Dawkins, Victor J. Stenger, Eugenie Scott, Massimo Pigliucci and James Randi.

Now the whole 33 episodes which were posted on their site are available in one pack.

List of the episodes and guests:
AJ Mass – The Science of Fantasy Sports
Jamy Ian Swiss – In Pursuit of Psychics
James Randi – Why Skepticism Matters
Richard Wiseman – Paranormality
Richard Dawkins – Faith, Biology, and Skepticism
Rev. Michael Dowd – The Marriage of Science and Religion
James Randi – On Magicians and Skepticism
Eugenie Scott – Evolution, Skepticism and Atheism
Dr. David Gorski – (So-Called) Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Joe Nickell – Why Investigate the Paranormal?
Paul Kurtz – Skepticism and Religion
Paul Kurtz – Exuberant Skepticism
James Randi – My Start in Magic and Skepticism
Tom Clark – Skepticism and Free Will
Massimo Pigliucci – How to Tell Science from Bunk
Massimo Pigliucci – Nonsense on Stilts
Ben Radford – Scientific Paranormal Investigation
Ray Hyman – The Life of an Expert Skeptic, Part 2
Ray Hyman – The Life of an Expert Skeptic, Part 1
Paul Provenza – Satiristas
Deirdre Barrett – Supernormal Stimuli
Victor Stenger – The Search For Cosmic Consciousness
Simon Singh – The Case For Libel Reform
Derek and Swoopy – Five Years of Skepticality
Bruce M. Hood – Why We Believe in the Unbelievable
James Randi – A Skeptic Comes Out at 81
Jennifer Michael Hecht – The Poetry of Skepticism
Lionel Tiger – God’s Brain
Harriet Hall – Science-Based Medicine
Carol Tavris – Mistakes Were Made
Richard Dawkins – Framing Charles Darwin
Daniel Loxton – Evolution for Kids
James Randi – The Importance of the JREF

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