Is there a god? 

– No.
– What is the nature of reality?
– What physics says it is.
– What is the purpose of the universe?
– There is none.
– What is the meaning of life?
– Ditto.
– Why am I here?
– Just dumb luck. 
– Is there a soul? Is it immortal?
– Are you kidding?
– Is there free will?
– Not a chance!
– What is the difference between right and wrong, good and bad?
– There is no moral difference between them.
– Why should I be moral?
– Because it makes you feel better than being immoral.
– Is abortion, euthanasia, suicide, paying taxes, foreign aid, or anything else you don’t like forbidden, permissible, or sometimes obligatory?
– Anything goes.
– What is love, and how can I find it?
– Love is the solution to a strategic interaction problem. Don’t look for it; it will find you when you need it.
– Does history have any meaning or purpose?
– It’s full of sound and fury, but signifies nothing.
Alex Rosenberg, The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life Without Illusions


{UPDATED} I'm a MA graduate student from University of Westminster from Iran. here i will post all that goes through my mind, my thoughts, interesting articles and videos and other fun stuff. All the posts here are what i liked personally or find in other sources. Do not let yourself be deceived: great intellects are skeptical. Friedrich Nietzche
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